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Almost a Lost Cause

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My sister and I was laughing at the good old days of our childhood. Acknowledging that if we’d known back then what we know to today, we’d done things a little bit different in our lives. But we had to giggle childishly at one instance with her and I that caused us to get the @sswhipping of our lives.  At times when we where younger she would drive me crazy with wearing my clothes, knowing dam well they where to big. Well, she and I got into a fight over this wind-breaker that I purchased when my flag team placed 2nd during a state competition. The disagreement got so heated, that soon the cursing insults where traded with slaps and punches; and my father happen to over hear the verbal and physical exchange. After being rewarded with several lashes across the @$$, having the jacket being removed from my closet, and two weeks of having to stare at one another’s ugly mug in the same room, I realized that fighting over that jacket wasn’t really that serious.

My father told us that day that no matter what worldly possessions, how much money we have, or what paths our lives in the future would take us, all we would really and truly have in this world was

1. God

2. The love of our family

3. Pride and self respect

Now as kids, hearing his words of wisdom meant nothing at the moment. Because the only thing that was important to me was me taking all my belongings and moving them from my little sisters reach. But it wasn’t until I left home and joined the service that I started to really and truly understand his message. After traveling to various parts of the world and seeing the plight of those who’re forced to do without, I realized what bearing my fathers words had in my life. And I realized that the ‘little’ things that kids worry about today, here in the U.S. are nothing compaired to the more important issues that are detrimental to the lives of those whom live outside of our comfort zone here in the U.S.

The kids of day have no direction. They have no real grasp of self-respect, pride and dignity in my personal opinion. This is not to say that all of them conduct themselves in such a fashion, but I observe these ‘youngsters’ in their natural state, and I a generation of lost souls. Young and impressionable minds that are more consumed with the latest fashion, catchy hooks and degrading verses, internet porn, money, and in most cases sex. School yards today can become one of two things, a fashion show, or a crime scene. Classrooms are no longer a scholastic environment; because they’ve been transformed into breeding grounds for juicy gossip, and stereotypical characters. Our youth have no direction! They have very little to no parental counsel, because parents of today have reversed the roles of parent, to close friends. Fathers are no longer being men and raising their children, and mothers seem to spend more time chasing a man than they do finding good men to teach their sons how to be one.

But are they a lost cause?

Do we turn our backs on them and chalk them up to being a generation of shiftless, lazy, unappreciative ingrates whom desire nothing more in life than to have a “Miss Becky” or a “Sponsor”? Or do we as people whom was raised by ‘big ma’am’ and crazy “uncle Joe” ; take them by the hand and show them the way? If you even ask some (most) of these young men what they aspire to be, you hear either

A. a professional ball player

B. a rap star

0_o? When does it end? when will these youngsters pull up their pants, put on some clothes that fit, put down the cell phones, log off the internet  and realize that if they don’t do something now to improve their future tomorrow, they will be a ‘lost cause’.


Written by DeityNyota

April 17, 2010 at 3:53 am

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