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Whom are we to JudgeA friend of mine contacted me via email back in 2005 while I was still living in Japan. We’ve known one another every sense Jr. High back in  my home state of Texas. Both she and I were Navy, I joined a year after she did. And we would keep in touch with one another off and on from time to time. Well, my mother told me that she’d passed my contact information to her after relocation, because she’d found that my friend was stationed not to far from me in Maryland. I was happy, because I was still new to the state, and I hadn’t yet made friends. So we exchanged a few emails, but for some strange reason she was scared to meet with them. I didn’t understand why, because this was someone who I’d known for the majority of my life. She disclosed to me that she was afraid to meet with me, because she was living life as a lesbian (she had a girlfriend). She was still active duty Navy, but she was unable to simply be her self, due to the military polices that exclude homosexuals of serving openly.  She stated that she’d cried herself to sleep that night when she told me, because she feared I would no longer speak to her after disclosing such personal information. But I wanted her to understand that how she lives her life, had no bearing on the her being an extended member of my family.

Now, I know what the bible says about homosexuality. How its an abomination, its ‘nasty’, wrong and can earn you a one way ticket to hell. In which (based on my faith) I feel that in many ways it may. But I have to understand that I myself am not perfect. There are ‘such things’ in my life, wrong doings that I’ve committed that can earn me a seat on that bus departing for gates of Hades if I’m not careful. Once I spoke to my friend briefly via email, she explained that it was such a relief for her to see the words ‘who am I to judge’ in the text of my response. she stated that gesture of kindness and humility from me, reassured her that there are still ‘good’ people in this world whom really embodies the teachings of Christ. Meaning they accept people for who they are as individuals, and not make them feel as if they must be spiritually ‘perfect’ to be accepted. It’s amazing to me, how Christ could walk amongst thieves, beggars, con-artist and prostitutes, and still show them the love of god free of making them feel as if non-repentance meant immediate death. His humility made him classy; because he never engaged in garbage. he never spoke words of slander, he never cast harsh judgment, and he never made anyone feel as if they where undeserving or unworthy of the love of our father.  And because he was so peaceful he was able to walk amongst those whom society had already cast to hell prior to judgement, and steering them towards the righteous path.

Why can’t all ‘Christians’ be like Jesus?

Why is it that so many people whom dawn their armor in the Army of the Lord our father, spend more time condemning people who don’t live life the way they think they should, than they do trying to lead by example?

For me personally, I don’t judge anyone on how they chose to live their lives. I make the decision to involve myself with them based heavily on how they treat people, how they treat themselves, and how they view life. Meaning are they positive in thought process? do they give the same respect they expect to receive? Are they hard-working, dedicated to their craft and motivated (do they motivate others? I learned that at times the vessels in which god’s words and blessings are shipped don’t always arrive in the ‘containers’ we expect to see them in. I may not approve of their life style, I may not find it to be something that I personally would give into, but I don’t have to look upon them as if they’re ‘trash’ or waste because I personally chose the walk of Christ. I feel that in showing humility (being Christ like) towards those whom I deem as being misguided, I can show them what it means to live abundantly in his grace. If he can forgive us for our sins (paying the price) why is it so difficult for us to forgive one another?

I’ve had the chance to travel to various parts of the world and meet people from all walks of life. I’ve met people whom gave the persona of being the true embodiment of what it means to have a covenant with god. Only to find they where as phony as a 2 bill. On the flip side of that, I’ve met people whom engaged in premarital sex, gay/lesbian, drank, smoke, and curse like a sailor; yet some of the most straight forward, ‘real’, and truthful people you’d ever meet. Because the know who they are, and they’re truthful to themselves. They don’t have to put up false pretenses; or do things to be indoctrinated into group think. So these imperfect people tend to me more acceptance of who they are as an individual, living life free of pressure to prove they can walk on water.

I ask that by no means people take this as I’m an advocate for homosexuality, or that I think it’s cool to be a drunken fornicator. But I just wonder what makes some ‘believers’ feel they’re so perfect, that they can judge those who aren’t?


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April 30, 2010 at 6:53 pm

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