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The Thickness…..

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Curvaceous, voluptuous, thick, ‘phat’, Bootylicious, ‘junk in the trunk’. These are examples of descriptive adjectives that have been used to describe me…

“All that wagon you draggin” and “baby got back”; even the overly expressive ‘GOD DAM!” reaction that leads to the screwed up face and clutching of privates; are all reactions and cliché’s I’ve had to deal with throughout my life. At one point in time, it was so bad that I would literally dress in my brother’s clothes to hide what shape I had during puberty.

I can recall a horribly embarrassing moment at a water park, that cause me to expose the ‘TA’ I’d strategically hidden under-neither an over sized ‘Kid n Play’ concert t-shirt. I wasn’t permitted to enjoy the twist and turns of the ‘Raptor Rapids’ water slide unless I removed my t-shirt from over my revealing one peace swim suit.

“Ma’am, you can’t use this slide unless you remove your shirt”. The slide over seer barked.

Humiliated, I looked behind me to see who all was waiting for me to become completely exposed with nothing between elements and my bare skin but a swim suit that hardly covered my ‘caboose’. It was ‘Hell‘ Degrees in Texas heat, and it got even hotter as my face was flushed by a wave of embarrassment. If I were any lighter you would have seen me blush. All eye’s where on me because no one could go down the slide until I removed my shirt. And there was this long ‘ass’ line of people waiting for their turn to cool off.  As soon as I revealed my mahogany treasures, I could over hear people making comments about my ‘wagon’ and ‘twin peaks’.  One woman made the comment “how can a girl so young have so much @$$?”

To this day, I’ve yet to figure out what it is about the ‘tender loin’ that causes a man to lose all composure. Even cause some women to be tempted to take a bite? What is it about the curve of the hips, and the arch in a ‘sista’s’ back-side that makes a man wanna halla when she ‘shakes it for a dolla’?

LOL, I had to laugh to my self with that one.

I think it has a lot to do with the hyper-seuxal exploitation of the African woman female anatomy that leaves many visually and physically stimulate at the site of cheeks. It even causing many women today to undergo dangerous cosmetic enhancement alterations; in attempts to achieve a look that’s natural for women of African heritage.

During a conversation with a homegirl,  she explained to me how she views her body. Now, this young woman has a very cute shape; everything on her is properly proportion to her physic. Beautiful is what I and many of my friends use to describe her; but for some strange reason, she expressed to us that she feels incomplete 0_o? She feels that because she doesn’t support the ‘ba-dunk-a-dunk’ she’s somehow not comfortable with her size. She feels that if she was somehow stacked like Serena Williams, she would demonstrate the physic of a woman who’s physical fit, fertile, and sexually alluring. I didn’t understand, because to me personally I know of women who’re dying (literally) to be her petite size 2, but she desires to have a rear end so big, that a man would be able to sit his drink on it and she would never even know it was there.  And she’s not the only one who’s said this. Because I’ve heard plenty of women say they desire to have the wagon I’m draggin;, but when I look at them and wish I was their size.

This obsession with the booty, makes women spend thousands of dollars (and some men) to increase the circumference of their ‘rump-roast’. Women are having portions of feminine fat removed from their mid-sections, breast, arms, upper thigh, even lips, and hips; to be relocated to their apple bottoms. Padded panties complete with strategically placed ‘hips’ are flying off the shelves of Fredric of Hollywood like hotcakes to assist in giving the illusion of having a Beyoncé silhouette.  For most men I’ve talked to, skinny is out, and thick chicks are in. Booty, chi-chi’s, puckers, and curves have taken over the big screen and the waif look of yester year is being slowly phased out with the new ‘big girl’ confidence of today.

I’m actually happy about this. Because I’m starting to feel that having an abundance of ‘hot cakes’ is not as bad as I thought it was. I’ve even noticed many men of various races are taking notice to my theralbreed stature.

The future of 'sexy'


Written by DeityNyota

May 1, 2010 at 6:54 am

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  1. Hey lady, I don’t leave my real name on blogs, but good stuff here. I was all of 90 pounds in high school, but 75 of those pounds were in my hips, so I did the baggy jeans thing probably up until 3-4 years ago. The comments don’t bother me anymore either…but I think about all that dough I missed out on. I could have been Luke’s dancer, or posing in KING raking in the bucks. Oh well.

    Bijou's Photography

    December 22, 2010 at 7:46 am

    • Its funny you mention dacning for Luke, I was Approached by several men (at a young age) and propositioned with ‘dancing’ part time. And I even thought about doing it; but I think my pride wouldn’t allow me to exploit my curves, much less be visually consumed like red meat. There’s so much pressure on women to be what we assume to be societies epitome of ‘beauty’ that we fail to see the true beauty within ourselves. And it’s sad that it takes us up until later in life that realize that we are fine just the way we are.

      I thank you for stopping by; please feel free to put the word out and tell your friends about my blog. I’m trying to get people to come together and discuss the issues that most of us refuse to talk about. Stay tuned for my next post about ‘Double Consciousness’.


      December 22, 2010 at 7:20 pm

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