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Woman to ‘woman’

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A friend of mine was exposing to me the real reason why she’d left her husband. Because everyone was under the mistaken impression that she’d left him for another man. Well, she was talking to another man, but that wasn’t the full story.

She explained that she was starting to receive some ‘strange’ and odd calls to her house in the middle of the night from what sound like a woman. She stated that one time the ‘woman’ on the other end of the phone waited for a few seconds before yelling the word ‘BITCH’ and hanging up the phone. Now, most women would get heated, wake up her husband from his sleep and perform a reverse look up to the phone number to get the home address of the person who made the call. But, my friend being the cool and level headed woman she is decided that she would wait. She would wait patiently and allow her husband the time and opportunity needed to ‘hang himself’. Because every time men cheat the always get caught. It never fails, they do something stupid like make charges to their credit card to a hotel room at 3am in the morning or their mistress ends up confronting the man’s wife; because he’s telling her that he’s going to leave and wife and kids for her (giving her false hope and stringing her along with promises of future commitment). Thus the saying what’s done in the dark will come to light.

But my friend knew that eventually this ‘man’ would be forced to come clean because his ‘side line’ hoe was ready to come off the bench and become starting lineup. As time marched on, she would observe him leave the room when taking a call (talking really low to where she couldn’t hear his conversation). He would tell her he was going one place and when she would call to check and see if he was there and no one had seen him. Of course his buddies would lie for him; because they follow that ‘bro’s before hoe’s creed’. Again, she knew he would hang himself. But she never said a word. She never told anyone anything out of the ordinary was going on. She even continued their sex life (increase it); put is ass to sleep so she could conduct her own personal Top Secret Security Clearance investigation to collect data for future evidence (it wasn’t hard, he was having sex with two women, so you know his dog ass was tired).

She stated that while she was getting ready for work one day, as she exited her home she observed this Toyota Camry parked in her drive way. Clean too ya’ll, pearl cream color finish with gold trim, sitting on dubs, ‘butta’ cream seats, sun roof so the wind can blow through a freshly sown weave. And there was a woman inside the car, with this smirk on her face.  My friend stated that as she observed this woman exit the vehicle, she said to herself (this is the b!tch that’s been calling my house). My friend gathered her composure as the woman with a high waterfall drop style weave, multi-colored acrylic nails, cheap stilettos, wearing an outfit one size too small approached to house. The woman gives this big shit eating grin and asked my friend if she knew who she was? Of course my friend being the cynical and sarcastic Virgo she is replied ‘No, please, explain’.

The woman goes into the spew about how her husband has been having an affair with her for a little over 2 years. And that she and her husband have a child together that he’s planning on leaving her to take care of. Any other woman would have had an emotional break down and lost all control, but not my friend (I love this chick because she’s a solider). So my friend breaks it down for this woman, because this child woman has yet to understand the position she’s placed herself in. In which my friend explained to her how she’s a single mother of a child that she’s had from a married man (a man that will more than likely never see himself living life with her). And that no matter how cute she thinks the situation is, she’s nothing more to this man but a ‘jump off’. My friend explains that she already knew that her husband was having an affair and that she’s already taken the appropriate steps to initiate the separation/divorce so that her husband may be ‘free’ to explore the deepest and darkest corners and slums of the projects. Needless to say, after all was said and done, my friend found the strength and courage to officially issue her now ex husband his divorce papers, move out (purchasing her own home) and find someone new.  So I thought of my friend (and all the other women out there enduring similar trials) when I saw this video.

To all my sista’s (and brotha’s) out their dealing with a spouse who chooses to be unfaithful to you with someone of lesser stature, I dedicate this Def Poetry session to you.


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June 9, 2010 at 4:18 pm

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