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Why is Michael Vick Still on Trial?

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Some coworkers of mine and I where engaged in a llllooonnnnngggggg drawn out conversation the other day about Mr. Vick. I think we started talking about him when we saw a FAUX News flash talking about his desires of someday becoming a dog owner again. Now, I personally don’t have a problem with the man owning a dog again; I feel that if he’s learned his lesson about his mis-doings in the past its time to move on. He served 2+ years in Prison, and has completed countless volunteer man hours with the local ASPCA so honestly, there’s nothing else (IMHO) that he can learn about the mistakes he made. But what struck me as interesting (yet not surprising) was that one of the guys suggested that he ‘take his time’ 0_o? He suggested that he start out owning cats first and then work his way up to dogs, as if theres some sort of animal structure of worth linked to their species. Another guy then played of that Bvsh!t comment and suggested that he be forced to wait to a specific age before he become LEGALLY eligible to be classied as a pet owner. And that he must endure a trial period of two years (similar to probation) where he’s forced to fill out a series of paperwork, producing documentation of vet visits, show his work hours and how much times he’s spends with ONE DOG! He even took it so far as to suggest that the an have frequent visits with such famous animal care givers as Cesare Milan the Dog  Whisperer Victoria Stilwell the animal behaviorist.

Whiskey, Tango, FoxTrot People! Who are WE (the many of us who don’t have a life) to tell this man that his ‘dog-ownership’ card should be permanently revoked or placed on multi-year restriction? Don’t get it twisted, I consider myself an animal rights advocate, and a dog lover. I grew up with dogs, cats, birds, turtles, fish, lizards, you name it. And each animal in my house hold was treated with love and care; BUT, I refuse too allow myself to be come consumed with sensationalized messiness much less entertained with the daily doings of Michael Vick.

I’ve seen the specials on Animal Planet, ran over and over and over again; show casing animal rescue shelters and foster car takers of ALL the dogs confiscated from Vicks property over two years ago. I’ve seen the women breaking down into tears when talking about how these dogs where treated, I even shed a tear or two for them my self (I have a heart). But I didn’t allow the images of the canine gladiators being extracted from their lanistas compound to cloud my better judgement.  I watched the interview they spoke of; and all he said was that ONE DAY, he’d like to be a reformed dog owner. Key word being ONE DAY! Not tomorrow, not next weekend, or twice on Sundays, just a plain and simple one day. He’s talked about how his works with the Humain  society has opened his eye’s to the wrongs of his actions past. And I understand this, because in my community (the black community) many of us don’t have a chance to fully see, much less understand the effects of such criminal activity on these innocent beings. Does this serve as a justifiable excuses for his actions? No! Because he and those in his company knew the consequences of these actions, and they knew what they where doing was not only wrong but illegal. But I can’t allow my love of animals to put me at odds with my common sense. Meaning I understood that the activities he par-took in  was both wrong and jail-time worthy,  but I didn’t dwell on it like some of these people are doing.

The same time and energy some people put into protesting his owning a dog again, can be put towards ending the human sex slave trade world wide.

The same time and energy some people put into protesting his owning a dog again, can be put towards ending ethnic cleansing and genocide in war torn parts of Africa and Asia

The same time and energy some people put into protesting his owning a dog again, can be put towards ending world hunger/famine

The same time and energy some people put into protesting his owning a dog again, can be put towards ending drug and gang violence here in the U.S.

The same time and energy some people put into protesting his owning a dog again, can be put towards finding solutions for green energy

The same time and energy some people put into protesting the fvck ups of those who serve in the house and senate (the real criminals), putting pressure on them to work together to find solutions to the problems this country currently face.

I’m sure I’ve made my point here. The point that constantly putting this man in the spot light, regurgitating the same non-sense over his past animal offenses it not only border line ‘obsessive but to me personally is psychotic. And for me, it demonstrates that these people have deeper issues with Vick (ahem) than the fact that he was fighting dogs. DOGS! Not pitting man against man in a fight to the death for his life, but DOGS!

He’s served his time for being found guilty, so I don’t understand why this man is still making head line news over dogs again? I don’t understand why these people want to continently see him being placed in a social supreme-court justice style ‘witch-hunt’ of personal opinions that demising his character based on the fact that he served time (2+ years) for orchestrating a dog fighting ring.

When will these people feel that he’s not only learned his lesson, but he’s paid his dues back to society and its time to let it go?


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December 18, 2010 at 4:32 pm

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