For Those Who Go Beyond Boundaries

My Dear Brother

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  The true test of love, is allowing yourself to become submissive too it.

I come to you in peace. I stand beside you as your sister, your mother, your lover, your daughter, your wife, and your best friend. I come bearing news of togetherness as I extend my   welcoming arms too you during your most troubling times. It is my duty to nurture you, to comfort you, and to let you know that you’re not alone. There is no plot from me seeking your demise; and I do not relish in the thought of your failure.

There is no joy in your pain and there is no satisfaction in your misery. My heart beats in synch with yours and I seek nothing more from you than love, trustworthiness and companionship. Your truth sets me free, and restores my faith in humanity and man-kind. And your spirituality keeps me centered in faith.

I too share your desire for success. I too aspire to achieve the greatness that I’m destined to seek, and I want nothing more in life but for you to stand at my side as I at yours. I want you to stand and support me as much as I support you, and to not look at me as being your ‘half’ but your whole (because you are mine).

The love that I have for you is unconditional, and I give myself unto you in equal worship. I willingly continue your blood line, giving my life to birth your seed. Creating the trinity that makes us one.


For I am you, and you are me; and we are equal in value.


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