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When Will This Stop?

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I know and understand that not everyone of African heritage will agree with me, speak for me or represent me as an individual. But I feel that the time for inter-cultural evaluation has come.

Honestly, its been here for quite some time now. But I’m really getting sick of what I’m seeing. And its one of the reasons why I started my own entertainment company, in hopes that I may be one of the few people who have the courage to take the steps needed to change how we as a people perceive ourselves.

We visually ingest a healthy dose of negativity by the spoonfuls. Sopping it up like hog slop, and wiping the drivel from our chins with napkins that reads, “That’s not me, so I don’t care” or “it is what it is”. We make excesses for ignorance and justify the unnecessary based upon where we live or how we where raised.

We as a people have no shame watching hours upon hours of ‘reality’ T.V. shows with scripted fight scenes between catty, superficial black women.

We can no longer turn on the T.V., scroll through our facebook feed or watch a video on youtube with out seeing the self-destructive, stereotypical images of African American’s engaging in physical assault.

Mass crowds of black skin with fist flying towards bruised and bloody faces.

Young black women being beat out of their clothes by a mob of her peers as a means of teaching the defenseless victim a detrimental lesson, “Don’t mess with me!”

Its as if there’s a campaign being launched to ensure that ‘we’ as a people are being restricted to seeing disturbing and damaging images of ourselves, that continues to solidify the ideas that:

A. We lack inter-personal communication skills

B. We are not able to engage in peaceful conflict resolution

C. We’re a ethnicity of individuals that are barbaric in nature. Unable to problem solve with out becoming violent.

D. The movie “Birth of A Nation” was right

E. All of the above.

This display of “hot ghetto mess” completely takes away from the fact that our President is a prime example of a how a man of good character should conduct himself when faced with adversity and/or conflict; or serves as the polar opposite of the graceful elegance of our first lady.

The positives of our people and our community are being drowned in a Tsunami wave of:

1. Hip Hop/Rap videos that promote successful drug-deals, name-brand clothes, stacks of money, platinum grills and borderline soft pornography.

2. Juvenile delinquents actively per-taking in inter-racial riots and flash mob robberies.

3. Black men and women going ‘toe-to-toe’ in Street Fighter style hand-to-hand combat

4. Children dancing provocatively

5. Young black women ‘making it clap’ to the tune of a catchy beat and hook phrase in amateur video.

Based upon what one would observe on such websites as Bossip and World Star Hip Hop, if you where from another country you would assume that we’re either all savage wild beast that will aggressively beat or murder one another in the pursuit of respect; while demonstrating a lack of respect for human life.

Or that our young women are continually auditioning for the leading roll in an adult movie.

And what makes matters even worse is the fact that its no longer the media carrying out this imaginary campaign any more.

Its ‘us’ now!

We as a people have used our cell phones and social media to take over the count down to self destruction. We’re assisting with the perpetuation of these images by not only proving these assumptions of ‘us’ to be loosely based upon a shaky foundation of truth, but we’re posting these viral videos on our facebook pages, twitting them from our twitter accounts and laughing at them; as if its meant to be comedic in nature and entertaining 0_o?.

We watch them with our friends, and snicker when they’re featured in the news; not realizing how bad this stuff makes ‘us’ look. Yes! It makes “US” look bad, because when other people see these videos we’re all lumped into one generalized category labeled “same”.

And our kids see these videos and think that this is the manner in which they should handle conflicting issues as they occur. Which just happens to be (in most cases) the kids who have no one at home to teach them other wise; because their legal parental guardians are just as irresponsible as the people seen in these videos.

If its not a middle aged male bus-driver upper-cutting a teenage girl during conflict on his route, its a young woman being brutally beat down on her door step by a fellow classmate over ‘texting beef’ on twitter.

When are we going to become enraged by the violence that we constantly inflict upon one another?

When are we going to start taking the responsibly upon ourselves to become a positive representation of ‘us’ as a people and having more respect for one another’s life and personal space? Because we’ve have proven that we know how to effectively continue the cycle of mental enslavement that keeps us divided. Now are we ready (and can we successfully) prove the opposite?

We’ve shown that many of us lack the mental capacity to solve problems with out becoming physical. We get the picture, and we now understand that some of our men have absolutely no respect for our women, and some of our women lack respect for themselves.

But when does it end?

Or am I the only one upset about this pandemic of ignorance within the African American Community?


Written by DeityNyota

October 16, 2012 at 12:20 am

4 Responses

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  1. I totally agree. I think it’s sad that we’re always seen in a negative light. I myself am guilty of watching trashy reality TV we’re we are seen as low class individuals who are vain, superficial and catty BUT it’s what drives ratings. Sad, right? I have a young daughter and would never want her to think the behavior of what I’ve witnessed is acceptable. It saddens me that there aren’t more positive shows out there that depict us in a positive light, doing positive things etc. I guess that means, I need to turn off the TV and bury myself in more books.

    Sumiko Melody

    October 18, 2012 at 6:55 pm

    • I’m glad you like my blog. I admit that there are times in the past when I too have googled and watched a video of ‘us’ acting a fool from time to time. And I’ve been judgmental of “our” behavior in the past. But I’ve learned that neither judging nor supporting such negativity will bring forward the change we as a people so desperately seek. “We” have to do what’s right, even when everyone else around us may be comfortable with what’s broken; and that’s become that voice of conscious that we lack within our community. Thank you so much for your support 😉


      October 26, 2012 at 1:23 am

      • You’re most welcome! I agree that change is needed, but more of ‘us’ need to realize this though in order for that to happen…hopefully sooner than later!
        I look forward to reading more posts from you, they’re great!

        Sumiko Melody

        October 27, 2012 at 6:34 pm

  2. Reblogged this on Sumiko Melody and commented:

    Sumiko Melody

    October 18, 2012 at 6:56 pm

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